Creative steps

I feel like playing with the steps going up to my designstudio – and these are some of my favorite ideas from my Pinterest board. Which one is your favorite? Unfortunately there’s not enough space for a slider solution :)


Studio Snapshots

Here are a some fresh snapshots of my studio today – it’s slowly coming together – and the light here is so amazing. I love having my own space – and to turn up the music now and then – I also listen to tons of podcast while working – so please share if you have any recommendations!? The next 3 weeks I’ll spend some days away from the studio while teaching Identity Design at Teko in Herning – and I’m exited to meet the students and to teach again. Also I’m currently working on 3 identity designs for clients, so there´s a great synergy to things which I love.


Blogish! e-magazine is out

Today our secret project went online. It’s an E-magazine created by my group of Danish blogger friends – and designed by me. It´s been a lot of fun and we love to see how fast the word spreads online. You can find the e-mag right here – and our Facebook page here. I’ve always known that blogging is great, but I’d never imagined that it would lead to so many wonderful friendships, with persons I never would have met IRL. So please share it with your own online friends! It´s in Danish only though – but give it a try and enjoy the free downloads inside.


Secret Project…

Between all the jobs for clients I’m also working on a secret project with a group of lovely blog-ladies. So today I´ve been playing with type and photo styling – and soon you can see the final result. Have a great weekend. ps. Hyben is the Danish word for Rosehip.


Summer Holidays are here

It’s time for a well deserved summerholiday now – so my studio is closed for a month from today. First stop is Rome and the best pizza in town (thanks for the tip) – followed by some Italian beach life. Afterwards it´s time to relax in our summerhouse – and I’m not complaining. If you crave for a Roman Holiday just go here  - I love this new found blog!
Wishing you all a happy and sunny summer – see you in August.


A Room of My Own

I’m wrapping up this week with a small move – but a big step! I’m moving my things upstairs in our studio. So from monday I’ll have a Room of My Own – for the first time since I’ve started running my own design studio. I’m really exited and curious to see how I´ll end up decorating and using the space. Right now it’s a blank canvas more or less – but I plan to fill it with lots of love & creativity – and more time spent away from my Mac. As Virginia Wolf said ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction’ – I’m not planning to write fiction – but I’m very exited to have my own space – and I still have lovely company downstairs where Line and her assistent resides. I’ll show you some after photos when I’m all set. Instagram photo of my little helper :)


Magazine design Workshop

I’m currently teaching a group of nine wonderful and enthusiastic girls the fine art of magazine design. Here´s a peek at the magazine moodboard workshop I taught at my studio last week. Moodboards are such a great way  to kick off a creative process – and the girls came up with some promising results. I’m enjoying this teaching experience so much – and look forward to see their final results. Make sure to check out Spagat’s Facebook page or Twitter to see some of the resources I share while teaching.


Brand New Year

There’s always something magic about starting a brand new year – and a brand new calender. I´m still not all digital when it comes to calenders – so 2012 will be  yellow! I’ll start 2012 by teaching a course in Magazine Design for a small group of students at Teko – and I’m very exited about this new opportunity. I think juggling teaching & running my Designstudio will be both fun and educating.


Mere tid – Book cover design

Jeg har travlt for tiden! – så det er meget aktuelt at gøre lidt reklame for en meget vigtigt bog, som udkom i sidste uge ! Også fordi jeg har designet bogomslaget til den – men allermest fordi forfatteren bag den – har reddet mit arbejdsliv! Forfatteren er Dorthe Rindbo – og for 2 år siden var jeg på hendes Pimp My Time Workshop. Her fik jeg nogle fantastiske redskaber til at styre min tid – og lige siden har jeg sværget til bl.a avancerede To-Do-lister hvor jeg estimerer, prioriteter og fakturerer min tid.

Hendes nye bog, Travle kvinders guide til mere tid – viser dig vejen til mere tid, overblik, indre ro, overskud og energi i en travl hverdag. Gennem fire trin lærer du, hvordan du både styrer din tid og dit liv. For det, du bruger din tid på, er det, du bruger dit liv på! Det første kapitel hedder ovenikøbet Sådan får du tid til at læse denne bog! Jeg kan meget varmt anbefale dig at få fingrene i den – og at få suget alle de gode råd til dig! Du kan downloade en øvelse fra bogen her – eller købe ‘Travle kvinders guide til mere tid’ med 20 % rabat og fri levering, hvis du køber den på Du skal blot indtaste rabatkoden ‘travlekvinder’, når du køber bogen.

I designed this book cover for a very special and important book that hit the shelves last week here in DK. The book is packed with helpfull tips and lessons on TIME management – and the authour behind it is one clever women! I participated in her Pimp My Time workshop 2 years ago – and I really believe she has saved my work life!


Do you have a favorite child? – Illustration

Just before my summerholidays I made this illustration. It´s featured in this weeks  Alt for Damerne magazine. The article asks the question ‘Do you have a favorite child?’ I guess many parents secretly do have a favorite child – and as a mother of a single child I´m not afraid of admitting that I have a favorite child – my one and only.

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