I love to see how my pins at Pinterest sometimes come together so nicely with a great colour combination or trend. Here´s what caught my eye lately  - while craving for a Lilac Spring.
Great styling & mixing by Eckmann Alive, Bathroom tiles in candy colours from Made a mano, Magnolia – via Yvonne Koné blog, Cotton shirt from J.Crew, pretty pattern by Lab Partners and a pretty nail polish by Essie.


Welcome Emerald – Colour of 2013

I’m a curious graphic designer and couldn’t help myself testing Pantone’s colour of 2013 – Emerald. So here is some great colour combinations and ways to use the colour on yourself or in your home – it also works really well on the web I think. Emerald is considered to be the talisman of the goddess Venus and it represents faith, goodness and kindness. They are traditionally thought to enhance the clairvoyance of their wearers. And Pantone describes it as “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A colour of elegance and beaty that enchances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.
Images found here: Emerald necklace. Dress. Colour dots – free iphone download . Marni leather clutch. Interior.


Studio Life & a Small Holiday

Here´s my current moodboard at the studio – and some lovely flowers I picked up at the market last week. I love simple garden flowers like these and dream of my own garden one day  – I´m just not ready to give up city life yet! And speaking of city life – I´m leaving for Istanbul tomorrow!!! I´m going with a group of female friends and our programme is amazing. Lots of sightseeing, a stylish hotel and great places booked for eating… I´ll be back next week with tons of photos I´m sure. See you.


Autumn decorations

Here´s a few simple ideas on how to decorate for fall – and you really can’t go wrong because all the colours match so well! So go for a walk – pick a few branches – and add some kind of animal and you are all set! The pictures are from this weekend which also included a visit from friends who cooked us a 5 meal course in the summerhouse – and the most amazing night sky including 2 falling stars. I´m so ready for a new week and for my wishes to come true…


Current moodboard

We are busy cleaning and tidying our studio today – before we open our studio doors this weekend – when Line participates in Spor Kunsten. She was in the local paper yesterday here. And for those of you who cannot come and see us  – I´m sharing a glimpse of my current moodboard as a sneak peek. I´ll be in the studio on Sunday – chatting, making coffee and selling my plexiglas decorations and jewellery. See you!


Inspirationboards by Mav

As you might have noticed I´m a sucker for great mood- and inspirationboards. I often make them when I start working on a new project – and think they are such a great visual tool. So I just have to share these inspirationboard & still life vignettes created by the supertalented and always inspiring Maria Alexandra Vettese. You MUST check out her new website and all her wonderful projects.


Jurianne Matter

I´m still here – and still very busy before my summerholidays – so meanwhile I´ll just share this lovely moodboard and the cute paper flowers of the dutch designer Jurianne Matter. She is a freelance designer and product stylist who designs her own paperwork, but also design patterns for other companies.


Summer Lovin´

Here´s a few things that caught my eye – I´m summer lovin´colours that pop!


Summer Living Moodboards

I found these oldies but goodies in my archive. I made these moodboards when we bought our summerhouse almost 3 years ago. And they still inspire me and makes me look forward to a Danish summer. I hope they will inspire you too.


TooGood Moodboards

Via Twitter I came by Studio Toogood’s inspiring website today – and I just had to share these amazing moodboards from their Interiors portfolio. I love moodboards and often make some myself when I start on new design projects – and I love to get a glimpse of other creatives work process. Do you make Moodboards?

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