Mit julehjem i Boligliv

I Boligliv nr. 11 2014 åbner jeg dørene til mit julehjem. De smukke fotos er taget af DK’s dygtigste fotograf Line Thit Klein, med text af Mille Collin Flaherty – oprydning og styling stod jeg selv for! Jeg pynter selvfølgelig med mine egne Hangarounds i Plexiglas – men også grene og grønt fra naturen og hjemmeklippede snekrystaller. Du kan se hele reportagen som pdf.fil her. Velkommen indenfor! P.s hvis du kommer på uanmeldt besøg vil du se mere rod og flere bunker!


Roof Top Garden dreams

I’m totally craving some outdoor living right now – and especially my own private roof top garden. We looked at a new flat for rent some weeks ago that really blew me away. The flat was perfect – but too expensive. So right now I’m trying to figure out how to get it anyhow!! – and have already started planning how I will decorate the 3 roof top terraces it comes with… Will keep you posted!
You can find the sources via my Pinterest board Roof Top Garden.


Welcome inside the studio

In the new issue of Boligmagsinet you can get a glimpse of our studio – as part of a photoshoot from my studio partner Line’s home. The studio is located in this old and crooked house – but flooded with light. We have decorated it with the help of Line’s handy husband and our creativity – and I just love spending my workdays here. We share the kitchen and meeting area shown here – and my design studio is located on the level above. In the beginning of 2013 we also opened our doors to Line’s business partner and her assistent. So to create some extra space Line is having a sale this weekend. Her first and only sale – with great discounts – for more information look here.
P.S I will not be at the studio during the sale :)
Photos by Lisbett Wedendahl


Welcome Emerald – Colour of 2013

I’m a curious graphic designer and couldn’t help myself testing Pantone’s colour of 2013 – Emerald. So here is some great colour combinations and ways to use the colour on yourself or in your home – it also works really well on the web I think. Emerald is considered to be the talisman of the goddess Venus and it represents faith, goodness and kindness. They are traditionally thought to enhance the clairvoyance of their wearers. And Pantone describes it as “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A colour of elegance and beaty that enchances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.
Images found here: Emerald necklace. Dress. Colour dots – free iphone download . Marni leather clutch. Interior.


Creative steps

I feel like playing with the steps going up to my designstudio – and these are some of my favorite ideas from my Pinterest board. Which one is your favorite? Unfortunately there’s not enough space for a slider solution :)


Tie Dye Trend

The old hippie inside me suddenly craves some Tie-Dye – after seeing the new collection of Tie Dye pillows from Bolia, and the cool t-shirts from Rabens Saloner at Strange how cool Tie Dye suddenly looks in black and white. Found the pillows here.


A Room of My Own

I’m wrapping up this week with a small move – but a big step! I’m moving my things upstairs in our studio. So from monday I’ll have a Room of My Own – for the first time since I’ve started running my own design studio. I’m really exited and curious to see how I´ll end up decorating and using the space. Right now it’s a blank canvas more or less – but I plan to fill it with lots of love & creativity – and more time spent away from my Mac. As Virginia Wolf said ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction’ – I’m not planning to write fiction – but I’m very exited to have my own space – and I still have lovely company downstairs where Line and her assistent resides. I’ll show you some after photos when I’m all set. Instagram photo of my little helper :)


Room for my Schoolgirl

We recently upgraded my daughters room to a Room for a Schoolgirl – now that she is 8 years old. Her room is quite small – and as she grows her collection of stuff grows even more!!! – so I’m constantly on the outlook for clever storage solutions for small spaces. I will keep posting the images I find to my Room for my Schoolgirl board on Pinterest. All images above can be found in my board – but are originally from here.: Frames Wallpaper by Graham & Brown. DIY Ikea bed on kitchen units – via Ikea Family Live. Very clean and very tidy room – for inspiration only :) via  And a great gallery wall in a childs room by Hustler of Culture. I´m planning step by step to incorporate some of these ideas into her room. Here at Kenziepoo you can see what her room looked like some years ago.


Nordic Knit – Pillow love

Autumn has arrived here in Denmark – and it´s time to spend more time indoors and time to cozy up your home with blankets and candles – and maybe also with these lovely knitted pillows in wool. They are named New Nordic Knit and are designed by Sen-Sen, and can be found in their webshop soon. I immediately spotted these pillows when I looked at photos from the trendzones at Formland this summer. You can catch a glimpse of the trendzones at The Sweet Spot who also is behind the photo above, from the trendzone House of Happiness, created by Eckmann Alive Studio. I love the colours and the materials used. I´m a little slow when it comes to blogging these days – due to busy days at the studio – so please visit Spagat´s Facebook page – where I share bits and pieces on a more regular basis right now.


Going Out – for inspiration!

Lately I´ve spent way too many nights working – so I´m looking forward to going out tonight to get some new inspiration at the Vic Shop here in Aarhus. I´ll soak up some of the news in interiors & fashion – plus spend time with a lovely blogger friend, drink champagne, and listen to some great music. “My boss” prescribed that I have some fun after working so hard! Sounds like a perfect plan to me – maybe I´ll see you there?
Photos from the Vic Shop, Aarhus

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