Fire favoritter

Her kommer lige fire af de eye-candy favoritter jeg har puttet i inspirationsposen for nylig. De fleste er fundet via Pinterest.
1. Kreativt kapitelopslag med typografi af skumfiduser af Robin Rosenthal – til bogen Super make it af en af mine kreative favoritter Jodi Levine.
2. Rådyrs familie skåret i pap – fra MettaPrints på Etsy.
3. Lækkert grafisk kalenderlys fra Norman Copenhagen.
4. Smuk plakat med vigtigt budskab af designer Craig Ward. Good typography is invisible. Bad typography is everywhere.


Sommeren der gik…

Så fik jeg taget sommerferieskiltet ned igen her i min virtuelle grafikbutik. Helt sikkert på tide – og hvor var den skøn den sommerferie – og lang – og varm.

Jeg startede den med et 3 dages malekursus på Mellem-rummet på Samsø. Fantastisk sted. Jeg malede med alt andet end pensler i tre dage i et stort råt lokale. Og vores dygtige underviser Cristine Crebas fangede straks hvad jeg havde brug for – ned i kroppen – slå hovedet fra – store strøg – og flow! Det var totalt male zen og da jeg tog derfra var jeg bare så glad og lykkelig efter 3 dage i fordybelsen og farvernes tegn. Nogle af mine værker kommer op at hænge herhjemme – men det var processen der var vigtigst – så det er den jeg deler lidt af her.



I love the thought of millions of people giving thanks today. Right now I enjoy working from home, Thanks.  I’m reading my students Bachelor exams before their finals next week. They surely spent a great amount of time and money at the local printers and the results look so good, Thanks. Today we will decorate for Christmas – my daughter can’t wait another minute – and I’ve already started with some branches filled with some of my HangArounds in Plexiglas from last weekends market which went great, Thanks. You can find my HangArounds in my Spagat Etsy shop here. Thank You!


Studio Wall

Here’s a glimpse from my studio -  where I’m busy getting ready to relax in 2 weeks time! I always create small moodboards of what inspires me at the moment. Here’s some Etsy finds, a colour sample and my favorite quote set in a handmade font by pasta in the shape of letters – made by my friend. Also I’m putting the final touches on our next issue of Blogish! So stay tuned if you are not already on holidays.



I love to see how my pins at Pinterest sometimes come together so nicely with a great colour combination or trend. Here´s what caught my eye lately  - while craving for a Lilac Spring.
Great styling & mixing by Eckmann Alive, Bathroom tiles in candy colours from Made a mano, Magnolia – via Yvonne Koné blog, Cotton shirt from J.Crew, pretty pattern by Lab Partners and a pretty nail polish by Essie.


Perfection is Boring.

Just wrote this on a friends Facebook wall today and thought I would share it with you also. What would life be like without our little quirks and flaws? Pretty boring I say. So go out and have a fun weekend and aim to be good! And also please have a look at this amazing Infographic that shows the scale of the universe! just to keep things in perspective!


Marvelous Marrakesh!

Here´s some Instagram snapshots from last weekend which I spend in Marrakesh in Morocco. I loved all the new colours, smells and tastes – and I’m sure we will be back for more. We stayed in a fantastic and luxurious hotel with our friends – such a treat! On our own we will probably book via next time – it offers some great riats . I just made my first booking via for a trip to Barcelona next month and I’m really exited about the concept – so many great places around the world to rent & visit! The website Boutiques Homes is another new found love when it comes to small hotels and home rentals. Ohhh dear wanderlust I’m so happy you are a part of me.


Book Covers & gender

The other day I was looking through The Book Cover archive for some design inspiration. And selected the covers above which all have the blue colours and great typography in common. And right after looking at blue book covers I came across this post at A Cup of Jo – about gendered book covers. I love the examples because they show just how powerfull graphic design is in use – you can read the full story and see more examples here.


Are you for hire?

The quote above has stuck with me for some time now and I’m still trying to figure out if I’m building my dream or if I’m for hire? See my job as a designer is to help my customers communicate their dream and visions in a clear way – and I really enjoy doing just that! But also I can’t see myself doing it for another 10 years – so I thinks it’s about time to focus on building my own dream – eventhough it’s not really clear to me what I dream of – so I’ve better get started figuring that out! Are you building or for hire?


Roof Top Garden dreams

I’m totally craving some outdoor living right now – and especially my own private roof top garden. We looked at a new flat for rent some weeks ago that really blew me away. The flat was perfect – but too expensive. So right now I’m trying to figure out how to get it anyhow!! – and have already started planning how I will decorate the 3 roof top terraces it comes with… Will keep you posted!
You can find the sources via my Pinterest board Roof Top Garden.

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