Agates – to hang & to hold

I have a quite a thing for agates ever since I saw Li Edelkoorts trendtalk – Earth Matters last year – they kind of remind you how precious mother Earth is.

#1 Art Works on Paper – exclusive one-off marbeling prints. Handprinted by Pernilles Snedker Hansen, who also makes marbelled wooden floors.
#2 my recent purchase, amathyst necklace from Stone & Honey.
#3 Agate cheese plates from Jayson Home via Creature Comforts.
Also these images of Church windows with agates from Grossmünster in Zurich by Sigmar Polke are worth checking out!


Tiny Showcase print

I´ve been a bad blogger lately – due to hectic days at the studio combined with beeing under the weather. So now I´m being kind & gentle to myself to recover again – which means short days at the studio and small treats. One of my small treats is this print by Yellena James – I couldn´t resist the colours! Found via a long time favorite Tiny Showcase. I´ve been subscribing to their newsletter for ages and have collected a handful of prints over the years from their site – always fresh, affordable and high quality prints. I´ll try to get back into the habbit of posting on a more regular basis again – and already have new fresh finds ready to share – so please don´t give up on me!


Collecting Feathers

I´m collecting feathers from our pet budgie. And I´m completely in awe of the amount and the variety of feathers it has/had. My favorite is the yellow ones with the black dot – isn´t it fancy? If you like collections or to collect -then you should check out Lisa Congdon´s wonderful project a Collection a Day – which has now been published as a book also, See it here. Lisa´s old blog was one of the first blogs I started to read back in 2005 – she is a wonderful, brave and talented lady – and I think you´ll like her too – here´s Lisa´s homepage.

Another project I´m working on is to make a portrait like these of our budgie – but it´s not an easy task! The artprints above are made by Leila Jeffreys, and measure 99 x 76cm- and can be found via the Australian Gallery Iain Dawson.


Lovely Litographs

These new litographs by artist Benny Dröscher are now on my wishlist! I love the colours and compositions in this series of 4. You can find them all here at Charlotte Fogh Contemporary - my favorite local gallery of Danish and International contemporary art, based here in Aarhus. And if you are looking for some action in Aarhus this weekend – our street is throwing a big street party -  Mejlgade for Mangfoldighed. Have a great weekend!


Triangle trend- part 2

I´ve written about the Triangle Trend before here – but it´s not over yet – so here a some new, fresh and playfull items that caught my eye and made me feel like playing along. 1.Mobile from Stilleben shop 2. Funky diamonds print from Etsy via Design for mankind. 3. DIY triangle project via Aesthetic Outburst blog. 4. Cynthia Rowley Sandals for Roxy – they seem to be sold out though. Have a fun and playfull weekend!


Artist Clare Woods

Some weeks ago I went to Arken artmuseum, to hear a trendtalk by trendguru Li Edelkoort, which I will tell you much more about some other time!  At Arken I discovered the works of British artist Clare Woods, since her artwork above Rock of the Night, hangs there measuring thirty-six feet in length! It´s painted with enamel on aluminium – and it´s amazing and have really stuck with me. Her images are transcribed from photographs, taken by her after dark in areas of deep woodland, you can see more works here.


Master of colours

Everytime I need some inspiration when it comes to colours – I have a look at Danish artist Malene Landgreen´s amazing work. Because her use of colours is quite sublime – don´t you think?


Airy Summer drawings

I just saw these airy drawings by US artist Aidan Koch via Housemartin – and they really insprired me to sit down and doodle with my watercolours during our summerholiday. Maybe they will inspire you to doodle too.


Morten Buch Paintings

Walking by a huge painting by Morten Buch the other day – made me remember how much I love his work. I discovered him this autumn when I passed one of his screenprints hanging at the local hospital. The photo in the middle shows one of Morten Buchs paintings in situ – it´s from a feature in Boligliv from this flat with an amazing art collection. You can see more of his work here and here I´m really inspired to start painting again when I look at his work – what do you think??