Spring & Easter shopping

Just a quick note to let you know that my Etsy shop is filled with lots of Hangarounds – colorfull lasercut plexiglas items – perfect to mix and match for Spring and Easter. Visit the shop here.


Back in Business

Happy New Year out there. Just a quick post to say I’m home again and back in business. Here’s a few shots from our stay in Cambodia – a land full of contrast and beauty as you maybe can tell from my photos above. More photos to come – but right now I’m busy teaching a magazine design class and have some very full days ahead.


Nu er det juleferie!

Så er kufferten pakket, computeren backet up og skuldrene ved at sænke sig. Min juleferie starter NU – og er virkelig velfortjent endnu engang! Jeg vinker farvel til december hygge og juleræs og skal ud at smage på Cambodia og ligge i blød i havet i Thailand. Jeg ønsker jer alle en skøn december, en glædelig jul og et forrygende nytår 2014. Tak for i år – vi ses!



I love the thought of millions of people giving thanks today. Right now I enjoy working from home, Thanks.  I’m reading my students Bachelor exams before their finals next week. They surely spent a great amount of time and money at the local printers and the results look so good, Thanks. Today we will decorate for Christmas – my daughter can’t wait another minute – and I’ve already started with some branches filled with some of my HangArounds in Plexiglas from last weekends market which went great, Thanks. You can find my HangArounds in my Spagat Etsy shop here. Thank You!


Edition Kunst & designmarked

Hvis du ikke allerede har gjort det – kan du lige så godt sætte kryds i kalenderen den 22 -23 november. Seje Anja Vind fra White Wall Gallery har igen stablet Edition Kunst & designmarked på benene. Der er samlet et lækkert hold udstillere og denne gang deltager jeg personligt med mine Hangarounds i plexiglas. Jeg er i fuld gang med at designe nye julemotiver pt. og på markedet sælges de til markedspriser. Og så er der masser af fristelser og gode muligheder for at finde unikke designgaver – til dig selv eller andre – se bare udstillerlisten her. Sæt kryds og spred gerne budskabet på Facebook.


Moving Day

My big move is over and I’m now working from home for a while. I loved my old studio and the 3 years I spent there – and the 7 years spent together with Line. I need to rethink my work life and how I wish to spend it. I still design for my clients & I still teach – and will continue to do so with love! All is well – and I’m exited about this move in every way – and so curious to see what the future will bring now that I’m getting ready for new adventures. I’ll keep you posted!

6 nov 2013

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What I did …

It’s been oh so quiet on the blog lately – and I miss blogging on a more regular basis. But the months and weeks since summer have been super busy with 1. Making an e-magazine with the new students at Teko in Aarhus. 2. Teaching a lot at Teko in Herning this time around in Identity design, Typography, Colours, Paper and Illustrator. 3. Small trips to Hamburg and Palma – both great cities I plan to explore more in the future. 4. Enjoying a sunny and colourful autumn. I’ve spent so little time in my design studio this autumn – that I’ve decided to let go of my studio space and work from home for a while and see what the future brings. Because sometimes you have to close a door before a new door opens.


Autumn Mandala

I made this mandala with my daughter – and now I just want to make a 1000 more. I saw the idea at Instagram – check out the tag #höstmandala and discover a lot of wonderful creations. Have fun!


Hello again!

Time to get back on the blogging track – after a very relaxing summer holiday. I kind of shut down both the studio and my brains for the holidays – and just spent the days with sweet doing nothing and some healthy cooking. I changed my diet and eat a lot cleaner now with low carb and high fat – and lost 5 kg so far – what’s not to like.!?? I’m now back at the studio working combined with some more teaching – love this mix. Hope you all had a great summer and have returned just as relaxed as I have – see you!


Studio Wall

Here’s a glimpse from my studio -  where I’m busy getting ready to relax in 2 weeks time! I always create small moodboards of what inspires me at the moment. Here’s some Etsy finds, a colour sample and my favorite quote set in a handmade font by pasta in the shape of letters – made by my friend. Also I’m putting the final touches on our next issue of Blogish! So stay tuned if you are not already on holidays.

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