DIY Easter Eggs – part 2 – free download

It´s time to wish you all a Happy Easter – and time again to share my free download with DIY Easter Eggs & Rabbits. They are made with some of my repeat patterns and are super simple to make.
Print them out on thick A4 paper – cut them out and mix & match. Glue 2 eggs together with a piece of sewing tread in the middle – or make a string of eggs – et voila! The rabbits are a bit more tricky – so I´ve made a front and back version of them. Cut the front first – glue it to the back of the rabbit and cut the back afterwards.
You can download the front here and the back here. Have fun!
For private use only. Please spread the word, respect my copyright and share your result on Flickr or your blog!

My Easter download has become quite a tradition now – and have been spread world wide on the web. I love to see all the different & creative ways they have been used – here´s some examples from Denmark, France, Germany and USA.