New Flavours

I stopped smoking – again -  and ever since I´ve been a little obsessed with food, coffee, cookies and liquorice ( and I´ve also been a little bit grumpy! ) Well my new found interest in food was a great occasion to finally get hold of The Flavour Thesaurus, which have been on my wishlist for a while – both because of the beautiful cover and it´s  guide to combining flavours. Can´t wait to discover new flavours – my old favorites so far are; avocado & mayo, toast & butter, strawberries & cream, pear & goatchese – what´s your favorite combo?


Happy Easter & DIY reminder

My Easter holiday starts right now – so I wish you all a Happy Easter – and just want to remind you that you can find my DIY easter eggs & bunnies here – if you need a little easter project. Have fun & please share.