I´m off to Italy for a small vacation under the Tuscan sun – and I´ll be back next week stuffed with gelati, foccacia & pasta! I plan to get inspired by Poppytalk´s summer colours week while I´m away – and will share my results here next week – it´s always fun with a little photo assignment – you should join too. Arrivederci!


Friends Fabric Design at Spoonflower

I made this fabric design for the Kid´s Spoonflower competition this week. I created a repeat pattern using selfportaits drawn by my daughter Nanna and her kindergarten friends some years ago. Knowing all the children well I can easily recognize them in their portraits – and I have treasured their drawings for 2 years. So it was great finally to use them in a design – also my first entry in a Spoonflower competition. Please vote for my design here if you will like to support me – and enjoy all the other great entries too. I just ordered a test swatch of the design and plan to sell the design soon at Spoonflower. I´ll let you know when.


Models for a day!

Our Design Studio was transformed into a photostudio today – since we needed some new and fresh portraits for our websites. So we gathered a group of 5 female friends with the same need – and called in the pros! We all really enjoyed having our makeup done by a pro stylist – and tried to enjoy having our pictures taken – it´s really tough to smile on command! But I´m sure that the outcome will be great – and look forward to show you the final results soon. SAY CHEESE!


Have a fun weekend

Wishing you a weekend full of fun and colours


Collecting Feathers

I´m collecting feathers from our pet budgie. And I´m completely in awe of the amount and the variety of feathers it has/had. My favorite is the yellow ones with the black dot – isn´t it fancy? If you like collections or to collect -then you should check out Lisa Congdon´s wonderful project a Collection a Day – which has now been published as a book also, See it here. Lisa´s old blog was one of the first blogs I started to read back in 2005 – she is a wonderful, brave and talented lady – and I think you´ll like her too – here´s Lisa´s homepage.

Another project I´m working on is to make a portrait like these of our budgie – but it´s not an easy task! The artprints above are made by Leila Jeffreys, and measure 99 x 76cm- and can be found via the Australian Gallery Iain Dawson.


Line’s summerhouse in Boligliv

This month you have a chance to visit  my studiomate Line´s  summerhouse in the latest issue of Boligliv. I still haven´t seen Lines summerhouse in real life – and vice versa – so I enjoyed the photos – and I´m sure you will too. Line has a great sense of style, colour and detail and a very handy man. And with joined forces they have transformed both their home and summerhouse to spaces full of personality and great DIY projects. Also your new studio has profitted by their talents!  Photos by Tia Borgsmidt and styling by Mette Helena Rasmussen


Summer Loving

Just updated my frontpage with this sign and the dates for my very fast approaching summerholidays!!!! Here´s a quick question – what song pops up in your mind when you read this sign? My guess is this song!



I´m back at the studio after a great trip to Istanbul – and I´m completely talked out after spending 5 days with 5 fun and talkative female friends. We had so much fun and all loved the place. The weather was a bit chilly and windy – but that didn´t stop us in any way. Here´s some impressions from my trip.